Dear Colleagues

On behalf of our IRIAPA TEAM it is my pleasure to invite you to participate in our new initiative to start-up in September 2012 an International Institute of Adapted Physical Activity (IRIAPA) that our team presented on the Paris ISAPA conference in July. See the powerpoint presentation in attach please.

Waiting for your reaction the IRIAPA team send you their best greetings,

Prof. Herman Van Coppenolle

International Adviser IRIAPA

Invitation to join our new world-wide Project for Doctoral studies in Adapted Physical Activity

“The International Research Institute of Adapted Physical Activity (IRIAPA) coordinated by Beijing Sport University of China and The University of Southern Denmark in Odense ”(see powerpoint presentation in attach)

It is our great pleasure to announce you as we just did already at the ISAPA Conference in Paris in July and an International Conference in Oradea in June 2011 (Romania), the recent birth on March 29, 2011 in Beijing, China of the International Research Institute of Adapted Physical Activity

The coordinating team of IRIAPA consists of Prof. LU YAN of Beijing Sport University, coordinator also Vice- President of the Asian Federation of APA, Prof. H. Van Coppenolle, international adviser ( KU Leuven, Belgium), founder of the European and Erasmus Mundus Master in APA, The secretary Mrs Lu Qu , Erasmus Mundus Master in APA of Beijing Sport University, and Prof E. Jespersen Director of the brand new Centre for Adapted Physical Activity Participation Studies of the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

Since 1991, the European Association for Research in Adapted Physical Activity brought international expertise in APA together in the European Master of Adapted Physical Activity, which was upgraded in 2005 as Erasmus Mundus Master in APA. Providing APA expertise of the European consortium universities, the associate consortium universities outside Europe and more than 30 incoming APA experts from all over the world.

Between 1991 and 2010, 500 International Master students graduated in this International programme and could benefit from this international cooperation. This extremely positive experience stimulated us to go further in the same international cooperation way, as well at the doctoral level and we applied with our master consortium universities for selection for an Erasmus Mundus doctorate in APA. Unfortunately we were not selected because of lack of enough financial means of the European Union which is not able to fund all International research.

Therefore we decided to implement the big lines of these doctoral proposals in our IRIAPA project, in which the interested participating universities provide in a first starting-up phase, the funding of the doctoral programme and the grants for 10 à 20 students during the first 3 years. from September 2012 on.

At this very moment we have already the funding for 4 excellent students coming from all over the world. (2 students will be funded from the coordinating Beijing Sports University and 2 students funded by CAPAPS Center of the Southern University of Denmark in Odense.)

We invite your university and your APA researchers to join our IRIAPA project in one of the 4 contributing categories:

1. As leading consortium university: funding 2 doctoral students for 3 years (as Beijing and Odense did already) and receiving 2 doctoral students in their APA research center

2. As partner consortium university: funding 1 doctoral student for 3 years and receiving 1 doctoral student in their APA research center

3. As associated consortium university: cooperating only by receiving 1 doctoral student in their APA research center

4. As individual supervisor or co-supervisor of doctoral projects

Please E-MAIL before October 31 ,2011


if your university or yourself are interested to join our International Research Institute of Adapted Physical Activity

1. As Leading consortium university specifying a maximum of 5 concrete research projects

2. As Partner Consortium university specifying a maximum of 3 concrete research projects

3. As Associated consortium university specifying a maximum of 2 concrete research projects

4. As Individual supervisor or co-supervisor specifying your research field of APA expertise (list of the last 5 years scientific publications)

Our time planning is:

1. November, 2011 Meeting of the IRIAPA coordinating team for the listing of the interested consortium universities and researchers and proposed possible research projects and define the possible the cooperation links between 3 different consortium universities and researchers

2. December 2011 Informing possible doctoral students of the world about these projects and cooperation links and invite them to apply for 1 or 2 of these projects

3. 28 February 2012 selection of 10 à 15 doctoral students (3 years)

4. for the concrete doctoral proposals for which they applied

Waiting for your quick reaction, we send you our best IRIAPA greetings and are of course always available for more information

The Coordinating IRIAPA team :

Prof. Lu Yan, coordinator, Beijing Sport University, China

Prof Herman Van Coppenolle, International Adviser, KU Leuven, Belgium

Prof. E. Jespersen, Director Centre for Adapted Physical Activity Participation Studies of the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

Mrs LU QU, Secretyary, Beijing Sport University, China